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WILLIE DIXON GOD DAMN! finds Bocephus King at his poetic best, his words the stuff of hardboiled fiction, the Beats, and the heart. Stick with them, and he takes you on an evocative trip down strange memory lane, pouring out his heart like a bottle. Not that King's left to deal with those ghosts and demons alone. He's surrounded himself with a cadre of capable studio hands, friends, neighbors and musicians from all points in between for his backing band on WILLIE DIXON GOD DAMN! and under King's steering and production they venture to brave new places and invite you along for the incredible ride.

1. The Beast You Are
2. Broken Down Rock 'n' Roll Machine
3. Your Great Big Beautiful Heart
4. The Myth of Philadelphia
5. Willie Dixon God Damn!
6. Cowboy Neal
7. That's Not Love
8. Just As Long As You Arrive
9. Acetlyene Alley
10. Bastards
11. The Job
12. The Epiphany Of The Saints
13. So Many Hells

Released: August 23rd, 2011


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